Sound Recorder to modern HIG II

GSOC Progress Update #2. New changes in Sound Recorder.

Tue, 14 July 20201 minute read #gnome #gsoc

Yay, new changes also added in Sound Recorder. Another blog for new recent changes.

This snapshot of application, is at almost stable usable for daily life, cause we added back delete and rename button those temporarily removed.

In this snapshot, three new cool features are added “Pause Recording” and “Cancel Recording”.

Pause recording: Before this added people were recording whole long single recording, even they not wanna record some part, cause they couldn’t able to pause recording. They were doing extra steps and using other apps to remove part of the unwanted recording. Now it’s a big relief for them.


Cancel recording: This option is added for the convenience of a user who just feels oops I recorded something accidentally before they were ending recording and were looking back to list and removing recording from there. Now it’s showing the option of cancel recording next to stop recording button. So easy…


About Rename Recording this feature was already there but wasn’t designed for small (mobile) screens. Well, now it’s fixed.

We changed back to the default recording naming pattern. Now it’s back to “Recording 1..2..3”. No more confusing long name with date and time.

Now application straight asks for what you gonna name this recording as soon as you press stop recording button. Don’t worry you can skip it and rename it later. All this process is soo smooth you can see above.

All these things were not single line code fix. I don’t wanna make this blog long and boring so I’m choosing to not adding code changes, you can find it in commits if you want it.

And look at new recording list-row with cool expander.

I got epic mentors Bilal and Felipe for supporting epic things.

That’s all for now.

I’m also contributing to other GNOME projects in free time plus a lots of things going on in irl, but I still can promise new things coming soon.