Finally Landed on Planet GNOME

My first time in GNOME community. New experiences and new things for learning.

Wed, 20 May 20201 minute read #gnome #gsoc

Hi to the people of planet GNOME! 🌎

Should I start with a deep introduction? Not sure! Okay, let me start from my first time with Linux. I installed my first Linux when I was around 17, It was OpenSUSE. I just burned iso and booted, HAHAHA It was a magnetic disk era. After some years I was getting deep into Linux. I consider Linux as an Icecream. Lots of flavors to eat. Eat whatever you like. Or make your own flavor. 4-5 years ago I was jumping over multiple distros. I tried multiple linux distros. But now I’m settled on a custom build Debian distro. My first encounter with GNOME was on Fedora. I still love Fedora. But Debian is ultra-fast with only selected packages and easy to make its flavor. This is my short Linux story.

This year I’m selected into GSOC. Yay. well, the fun part is Its GNOME. I applied in only one Org. from the list, cause It was GNOME or nothing.

I was connected to one of my mentor month before GSOC start. He told me to fix some newcomers’ issues on GitLab. That was my first contribution to GNOME.

After some time I committed almost 10-12 commits. I forgot to explain what I did, I was contributing to the Sound Recorder app. It was coded long ago with an old code base and the whole UI part was hardcoded. I cleaned lots of code and implemented all widgets to glade UI files. Which was essential to making future changes in application UI. I also cleaned all the code and updated old implementations. All of these done before I selected into GSOC. I’m ending blog here, There’s a lot more to explore on this planet.

I’m not sure whats I’m gonna write in the next blog. Is it development blog or general talking, God knows.

Big thanks to my mentors Bilal Elmoussaoui and Felipe Borges, always available when I needed them.